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Re: VOY Caption This 98; Con and Conditionality

Janeway - How could have I let my bush get so out of hand.
Paris (out of shot) - Snickering
Janeway - I don't see what is so amusing.

Neelix - Do you have any Talaxian Viagra? ... for a friend...

Doctor - I have programed the holodeck to produce a mate for him.
Janeway (smirking) - That is good.
Doctor - Captian, this is not funny!
Janeway - Of course not Doctor (Laughs out loud)

Captian- What is that?
Seven - A Vat of seamen I collected from the crew.
Captian - You collected?
Seven - Yes
Captian - fact never mind I don't want to know.
Phlox - "I'm fine!"
T'Pol - "You nearly shot the captain's dog!"
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