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Re: Star Trek will be out of date soon!

I think some of the preaching that Star Trek sometimes did is a little outdated.

Like the "higher arts" are popular, while TV watching is obsolete (primitive), all religious beliefs are bad, every single earth human being is nearly a saint, etc.

Mostly because of the threads I see when people question those ideas based on the contradictions they've seen on all the shows.

Otherwise it's just funny--women wearing beehives, food shaped like cubes etc.

Star Wars tries to relate to modern people more, while throwing in some advanced technology. People want to make money, the "force" is a cool, mysterious religion, people curse and use catchphrases all the time.

Trek tends to point to a future utopia-like time where the people don't really seem to have much in common with modern people.

Hamburgers and fries don't seem to exist, the only music is classical or jazz, and for relaxation, people go see a play.
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