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Re: Will I like Torchwood if I never saw Doctor Who?

I just finished Torchwood Series 1

This was definitely a show that was still trying to find its legs. There were plenty of bad episodes mixed with good episodes, but I did notice the writing starting to improve in the later half of the season.

Good episodes:
"Everything Changes" Decent pilot, does a good job introducing the main cast, nice twist at the end when one of the main cast is revealed to be the killer.
"They Keep Killing Suzie" Nice sequel to the pilot, gets into the negatives of being a Torchwood agent, and I did like how it ended.
"Random Shoes" I liked the entire episode and how it was told, the actor for Eugene was likable. The ending with him saving Gwen was pretty silly, but otherwise a different kind of episode.
"Out of Time" Interesting time travel episode, with characters from the past arriving into our present. The three past characters were likable and it was cool seeing them trying to live in the present
"Captain Jack Harkness" Nice time travel story. We did learn more about Jack.

Average episodes:
"Ghost Machine"
"Small Worlds"

BAD episodes:
"Day One" Dumb sex monster episode. No more comments.
"Cyberwoman" Terrible gruesome wannabe horror episode. They really should have introduced Ianto's girlfriend earlier so it doesn't feel like she came from nowhere. I have no idea why he is still allowed on the team after all the shit he put everyone through by the end
"Greeks Bearing Gifts" Just a excuse for two actresses to make out and have sex scenes with.
"End of Days" WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH?! What is with the bad giant CGI monster at the end that kills people with its shadow? The episode is quickly hits the reset button at the end just as badly as any Voyager episode. The entire incident is quickly forgotten by the public in the next episode for some reason. Huh?

The STRANGEST plotline that gets sort of dropped:
I thought the whole Gwen and Owen affair was going somewhere but it died a fast death. Gwen never admits to her boyfriend about what happened, I don't count the whole amnesia pill thing counting, and I guess the whole thing ended when she angrily pushed Owen away after discovering her dead boyfriend's body in the series 1 finale? Lame.
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