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Like a lot of things, it started out good, and eventually went bad (like AMC), etc.

I used to enjoy the Friday retro, older B flicks, etc. Now it's cheesy made-for-TV-movies, ghost/UFO/Paranormal shows...and the one I just can't figure wrestling.

And then there's that annoying trend of misspelling words like "Sci-Fi" (which is a misspelling itself).
Honestly, the wrestling is only one night a week. Yes, it's annoying, but it's not like they're running it 24/7.

In the meantime, they still air plenty of good shows, both homegrown and imported: WAREHOUSE 13, BEING HUMAN, FACE/OFF, HOT SET, ALPHAS, LOST GIRL, MERLIN, etc.

And I confess that I enjoy the campy tv-movies like SHARKTOPUS and FLU BIRD HORROR. If you're in the right frame of mind, they can be as fun as the "older B-flicks" you mentioned before . . . .

(Say the guy who grew up watching the likes of VALLEY OF THE GWANGI and MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS.)
As far as pro wrestling, I'm not so much against it as I don't really understand it's inclusion.....sort of. While there is no direct connection with pro wrestling and sci-fi, there seems to have been a connection with sci-fi fans and pro wrestling for some time. Horror movies, paranormal reality shows are no more connected to sci-fi (but often lumped together for convenience) than pro wrestling is. But they are all out there.

Pro wrestling by the way suffers the same problem sci-fi does. They both have a problem with their history. To many, pro wrestling started with Hulk Hogan, cable, pay-tv. To many it seems, sci-fi started with color and elaborate special effects.

The problem with genre/theme channels is that they usually have a generational cut-off. So consequently the older sci-fi programming (movies, tv shows) get pushed aside to retro themed stations like MeTV, TCM, TVLand, etc.

So it's not so much the inclusion of campy more modern movies I take issue with, but the exclusion of those older programs and movies they included in the 90's.
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