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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #67: The End of an Era

Sisko - What's wrong Old Man?
Dax - I have to leave, i have fallen in love with Quark. His penis is this long and I can't get enough of him!!!
Sisko - That is possitively disturbing!!!

Worf - I guess I win again. Some people can't handle their bloodwine.

Bashir - I am hit, I am dying... cough.... go on without me.

Kira - Erm doctor, this is just a security drill. We aren't using live weapons.

Garak - Now Mr Worf, it is natural to be nevous your first time but I will be gentle, I promise.

Worf - Oh Garak do you promise you'll still love me after?

Garak - Of course I will me darling.

O'Brien - What in the hell is that growling?

Dax - Didn't Worf and Garak go upstairs a little while ago?
Phlox - "I'm fine!"
T'Pol - "You nearly shot the captain's dog!"
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