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Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

Besides McCoy's series-wide, mouth-frothing, insane rants...are there any other eps one can think of besides:

Balance of Terror: Sure, it's just Styles, but as seen later in Galileo Seven, Spock and a lot of people around him put up with it way longer than you should see in Roddenberry's 'advanced world'.

Galilieo Seven: See above

Turnabout Intruder: Now, this is really stretching, but I was always surprised by the reaction of the security guard. "You're as crazy as she is! You'll have to leave!"....dude, chill. It's the XO.

The Tholian Web: Generally anything there should be excused by the circumstances.

But generally...I mean, c'mon. He's the XO, the exec, Second in Command. Numero two-oh, The not as Big Cheese, Not quite the head honcho, Queen of the hill...
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