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Re: TNG Caption This! 299: Great Days Ahead!

Picard - Lt Worf, open hailing systems.

Yar - Worf sir? He's helmsmen, I open the hailing systems

Picard - Oh your still here? Number 1 I thought I told you to fire her.

Riker - Well yes you did but if I got rid of her I'd be stuck with Troi and I'd rather tap that ass!

Picard (stares at Yars butt) - Fare enough.

Picard - Number 1 you have the bridge. No-one is to disturb me in my masterbatorium.... erm I me Ready Room.

Worf (Speaking to Picard)- Honestly sir I know Geordie went from Lt Jr Grade to Lt Commander in 2 years but I do not need him to monitor my work. i know where the phasers are! It's this button here.

Geordie - Actually Worf that's the horn.

Worf - Oh.....

Picard - And thats why Geordie is there..

Troi - I sense danger...

Data - What is it?

Troi - They are down to their last Milky Way bar in the venting machine.

Crusher - His systems have shut down.

Picard - Will he OK?

Crusher - I don't know, the damage is quite extensive.

Picard - Oh thank god, I really didn't want to go to his Violin concert tonight.
Phlox - "I'm fine!"
T'Pol - "You nearly shot the captain's dog!"
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