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Re: Is Star Trek Interracially revolutionary?

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A Russian ship captain would probably be pushing things a bit far.
Why in the world would you think that? We've already had a canonical Russian admiral, Alynna Nechayev. Presumably she was a captain at some point. And there was a Captain Krasnovsky on the hearing board in TOS: "Court-martial." There have also been quite a few Starfleet vessels with Russian names, like the Potemkin, Tsiolkovsky, Prokoviev, and two shuttles named Tereshkova, not to mention an entire Korolev class and Soyuz class.

In the Borg computer game there's a Captain Nikolai Andropov. In Trek Lit, there are numerous Russian captains. One I created (or based on a barely-glimpsed extra) is Claudia Alisov of the USS Everett in my DTI novels. Memory Beta's list of Starfleet captains includes quite a few other Russian names along with a wide mix of other ethnicities and nationalities.
I personally have a hard time believing that a Russian main character captain will take center stage of any possible new ST TV series any time soon. A Russian version of Captain Kirk/Picard is just not something that will work I don't think. I don't think it would go over least not yet. Ensign Chekov, yes. Captain Chekov, no.

Being half ethnic Russian myself, it's nice to see Russian characters with admirable roles in the various media formats.. Yes, we have fortunately moved further away from the Boris Badenov theme.

As far as your contributions, keep up the good work comrade!
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