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Re: 6 Degrees of William Shatner

I haven't looked for a connection, but Denver has been in:

Back To The Beach (A guilty pleasure of mine.)
Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady?
The Sweet Ride
Who's Minding The Mint?
For Those Who Think Young
Take Her, She's Mine
A Private's Affair

At least one of those movies has a big name star. And yes I had to go to IMDb to find that list, I knew only Back To The Beach. Except for BttB all those movies were before Gilligan's Island. Type casting is a real bitch.
Did I happen to mention, did I bother to disclose, this man we're seeking with a mole on his nose, I'm not sure of his clothes or anything else, except he's Chinese. A big clue by itself.
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