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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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Does anyone know what DC property is being used in that DC Nation action short? I thought that was pretty cool.
You mean the really martial-arts-heavy one? That's part 1 of a 3-part arc of shorts that's been run before, called "The Batman of Shanghai." Part 1 focuses on Catwoman, Part 2 on Bane (glimpsed as the masked carriage driver at the end of part 1), and part 3 on Batman. They're produced by a Chinese animation studio called Wolf Smoke. If you missed them before, it's probably because they were debuted during reruns of YJ and GL.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Ian Abercrombie's voice as Ganthet in the GL episode, given that the actor passed away last year. It's a reminder of how long it takes to produce animation, with the voice recording being one of the earliest steps. I wonder if there will be more episodes with Abercrombie.

Weird portrayal of Despero in the YJ episode. It seemed at times that L-Ron was the master, telling Despero what to do, instead of the servant he claimed to be. Although maybe that could be chalked up to him being Despero's "manager," as it were.
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