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Re: Rank the Masters

Of course, Roger Delgado is the master at being the Master and always will be. His combination of charm & menace was always perfect.

Anthony Ainley is kind of like Brandon Routh to Delgado's Christopher Reeve. He's not as good but he's the best we could ever expect considering his predecessor is dead.

Derek Jacobi is always brilliant in everything. If only we could have kept his Master around a little longer.

John Simm is far from my favorite. He'll never be an icon on par with Delgado or Ainley. Some of his scenes are way too over the top. But then, what wasn't over the top in "The End of Time"? Overall, Simm acquitted himself well considering the material he was given. And I love his final scene where he saves the Doctor by attacking Rassilon, the man who was responsible for driving him insane in the first place. It was such a fitting end for the character, IMO, that they would need a REALLY good reason to bring him back at all.

Eric Roberts was half decent doing the flamboyant Master. I just didn't care for him as the black leather clad "Terminator" Master.

Personally, I have a hard time even counting the "zombie" Masters Peter Pratt & Geoffrey Beavers.

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John Simm - Sorry guys, I liked him (even though in my reality, I would have tapped Anthony Head for the part, but ah well).
Anthony Head as the Master becomes Prime Minister? So, would that mean that Doctor Who would exist in the same continuity as Little Brittain.

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Maybe, like in the novel The Adventuress of Henrietta Street, he should realize that his time is over and the universe is ready for another type of villain.
Supposedly Moffat rips off the books quite a bit.
Really? I'm not really aware of a lot of book rip-offs in the Moffat era (except for River Song being kind of a rip-off of Bernice Summerfield). I do recall some actual adaptations/rip-offs in the RTD years. "Human Nature" was adapted from Paul Cornell's novel of the same name. The Cybermen in a parallel universe plot of "Rise of the Cybermen" bears certain similarities to the 7th Doctor novel "Loving the Alien." That's about all I can think of so far.

I just want to know when will Moffat adapt "An All-Consuming Fire" as a crossover special with Sherlock?
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