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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Barbara & Vicki's scintilating debate on the merits of asprin.)
A major continuity issue, by the way, as according to The Mind of Evil, aspirin is lethal to Time Lords, so why does the Doctor have any in stock?
The Doctor kept some around in case his granddaughter didn't stop giving him backtalk. The Doctor & Susan's relationship had a dark side.

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Except that turns out to be a misinterpretation of the MOE scene that's taken on a fanon life of its own... it very nearly became the reason for the Doctor's 7th regeneration!
I've only seen "The Mind of Evil" once and I don't really remember that part. What happened?

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I had particularly avoided seeing Hartnell and Troughton stories. Even back in the 80s, I thought they were too slow and padded. However, I've been pleasantly surprised by the ones that I've seen lately: The Arc, Invasion, The Krotons, etc.

I've avoided the pure historicals so far but I will have to give them a chance. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
I'm quite fond of "The Aztecs," "The Romans," & "The Gunfighters." Each is only 4 parts, so that helps with pacing.

"The Romans" is a brilliant door-slamming farce with a nice subplot of Ian risking everything to save Barbara from slave traders. (This is probably the single best story they ever did from an Ian/Barbara 'shipper point of view.)

And while "The Gunfighters" can be very cheesy at times and was overuses the song, I think it's got a nice balance of action & comedy. It's also got a lot of great performances in it, both from the guest stars playing Wyatt Earp & Doc Holliday as well as from William Hartnell himself. Hartnell really seems in top form in this story, absent most of the usual confusion and line-flubs that often define his performance. Some of the other guest stars, particularly those playing the Clantons, have very uneven accents throughout the story, but you can't have everything.

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The Ice Warriors - I really enjyed ths one. The only Ice Warriors I was familiar with is the Pertwee Era Peladon Stories, so, this was nce to see their origins and see them as Villians (Though, not really villians persay, more like desperate and distrusting and making poor decisions).
They become much more overtly villainous in "The Seeds of Death" when they try to wipe out all life on Earth by using deadly seed pods to significantly decrease Earth's oxygen content.
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