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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Gropos - This was probably the weakest episode so far this season. All the parts with the soldiers were pointless because I knew right away that the ones they focused on would die in the battle. Plus, the soldiers actually get away with almost assaulting Delenn? Are you telling me she didn't press charges? Its not like the idiots would have been hard to identify, or that the military was unwilling to punish them (although I suppose dying was punishment enough). Also, Garibaldi/the female soldier was really annoying. He goes off talking about his previous relationships, and it just makes no sense for him to do that. Is he just too stupid to realise that, as someone that was just passing through B5, she wasn't really trying to have a relationship, and just wanted sex? The whole exhange/"romance" was pointless. The Doctor and his dad segments were ok, I guess. Overall, this episode wasn't horrible, but I think its pretty pointless and was very mediocre.
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