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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

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RoJoHen wrote:
I saw it in 2D, and I honestly have no idea if it was HFR or not.
If you saw it in 2D, it wasn't HFR.
The theatre I saw it in was advertising three options:
1. 3D and HFR
2. 3D and no HFR
3. 2D and HFR

Interestingly, I just checked their listings against and they've dropped the 2D HFR option, so maybe they made a mistake in saying they offered that in the first place.
I would tend to think so, especially since "2D and no HFR" should have been one of the options even if "2D HFR" had been a real option.

RoJoHen wrote:
There were a few parts, however, that I could tell were definitely intended to be see in 3-D.
Now when I go back and watch the LOTR films I keep seeing scenes that appear to be well suited for 3-D. For example there's this firework effect in the beginning of FOTR that becomes a fan of firework-spears shooting straight at the viewer.
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