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Re: Rank the Masters

I didn't really rate Geoffrey Beevers' performance in The Keeper of Traken, but he has more than redeemed himself in the Big Finish audios - his overripe, rich and yet rotten tones conjure up the decaying Master far better than the second-rate makeup he wore on the show.

Roger Delgado could be a bit too likeable at times; it was hard not to, he had such style and panache! But his relationship with the 3rd Doctor was actually the most disturbing thing - I got the distinct impression that the Master was really just playing at being the villain to keep his exiled friend amused, coming up with bonkers schemes for the 3rd Doc to foil. That scene at the end of Terror of the Autons, when the Doctor grins that he's quite looking forward to his next encounter with the Master, despite the fact that UNIT soldiers and civilians had died during their skirmish, was, I thought, chilling; they were just two gods amusing themselves.

I quite enjoyed Eric Roberts camp, hammy turn in the TV Movie; Anthony Ainley, although the most evil of the Masters I thought, was hamstrung by the limitations imposed upon him, as well as a rather silly outfit. Not nearly enough Derek Jacobi, but what we got was superb. John Simm's was a refreshingly different take - loved the phone call between him and the Doctor in The Sound of Drums, great bit of eye acting from Simm when he realizes Who's on the other end of the line! I had no real problem with his End of Time iteration of the botched regeneration Master, and would welcome a different return performance, but is there really much more mileage in the character? His storyline was pretty much resolved, and before that we had 30-odd years of him just fighting for survival. Maybe, like in the novel The Adventuress of Henrietta Street, he should realize that his time is over and the universe is ready for another type of villain.
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