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Re: can the star trek animated series be reanimated?

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George's deep tones were way too recognizable. In Magicks of Megus Tu, when his voices blasts in as one of the spirits, it yanks me right out of it. Nichelle in BEM....way obvious to me. I'll give Majel credt for M'Ress. She did put a nice feline quality to the character. But when they stretched two actresses into the female population in Lorelei Signal, it was pretty blatant.
Well, like I said, lots of Filmation shows had the same few people doing all the voices -- and then of course there were the older cinematic and early TV cartoons that had even smaller casts, like Mel Blanc doing virtually every voice for Warner Bros., Daws Butler & Don Messick being nearly the entire ensemble of Hanna-Barbera's early shows, etc. So recognizability isn't a deal-breaker for me, since it's what I grew up with.

It wasn't until I watched him on a making of documentary that I placed the voice. He was all over his shows. Actually, I didn't mind that and he had a great voice for certain things. His opening narration for SHAZAM was outstanding.
Scheimer was the announcer for most Filmation shows, and he also did lots of comic-relief characters, from Dumb Donald on Fat Albert to Bat-Mite on The New Adventures of Batman to Orko on He-Man (who was essentially the same character as Bat-Mite). He also usually did robots and computers, such as the bizarrely sentient Batcomputer of Batman and Peepo on Space Academy.

Scheimer had a moderately good range of voices, but there were times when it was stretched past its limits. The '80 Lone Ranger series, which I recently rewatched on DVD, has a lot of episodes where aside from the two leads (a pseudonymous William Conrad as the Lone Ranger and Ivan Naranjo as Tonto), every other male voice was done by Scheimer, and it got pretty tiresome. Fortunately there were other episodes where the supporting voices were done by Frank Welker (who, surprisingly, did very little work for Filmation except in the very early '80s, even though he was ubiquitous everywhere else in TV animation for decades).

Agreed, but I wonder if they got paid for the extra work. If not, wotta rip-off. If so, why not hire Walter Koenig? They had Ed Bishop on and a couple of voices I couldn't recognize, too bad they couldn't get Chekov for one or two in that case.
From what I can gather, an actor may be paid more for multiple roles, but it costs less to pay one person to do 3 or 4 roles than to pay 3 or 4 people to do one role each. And hiring Koenig as a series regular would probably have cost more than bringing in the occasional guest star like Bishop, Ted Knight, Mark Lenard, Roger C. Carmel, or Stanley Adams.

They did have some uncredited voice actors beyond the regular cast, though. A lot of the voices that are incorrectly credited to James Doohan in modern references were really played by a different actor who worked on several '70s Filmation shows -- I think it may have been Lennie Weinrib, who did all the male voices in New Adventures of Batman other than Batman & Robin themselves (who were Adam West and Burt Ward).
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