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Re: Things old ladies do...

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I never see anyone leaving out fancy glass candy dishes full of ribbon candy, Werther's Originals, and after-dinner mints on their coffee tables for the grandkids to raid any more, which gives me a sad. That's like Grandma-ing 101.
With my grandma it has always been Hershey's Kisses, though in recent years she has taken to doing those little bite-size Dove bars.
With mine, it was always candied walnuts. She had a walnut farm not far from her house when i was growing up and the owner would let her, my Mom, and my aunt come over and pick through the leavings on the ground once all the nuts had been picked from the trees. So she was always making walnut dishes and candying them as well.

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And putting IKEA furniture together is fun for me
I think putting together IKEA furniture should be a 400 level university course sometimes, but I also enjoy assembling TKD (Total Knock Down) furniture myself. There is something about being able to look at the finished product and know that you assembled it yourself that cannot be described.

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Pretty much, if the young ones get interested in something - they'll figure it out and do it. I don't think crocheting and knitting will ever die out. I do worry about sewing. Many more seem to knit/crochet than sew.
Agreed. Even if every grandparent in the world sat their grandkids down and taught them all the different things they know (like whittling, baking, or car repair), these things would not stick with the grandkid unless there is a genuine interest in doing it. And if the young person is interested, these days there are places like Michael's where you can go and take classes.

For me, it's cooking/baking. A few years ago, I realized that one of the things that made holidays and special occasions truly special for us was my Grandma's cheesecake. So, with her getting older and less able to travel to attend a lot of these occasions, I sat down with her and asked her to share her recipes with us.
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