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Re: can the star trek animated series be reanimated?

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I Like it as is. The only real hang up I have over it is the voice work. The actors were tracked down and did their line readings into a tape recorder and put together later.
Not exactly. They all went to whatever recording studios were convenient to do their lines. But they didn't have anyone to give them any real direction, and most of them weren't experienced at voice acting, so their performances tended to be flat.
I had read that they got Shatner in his dressing room during a stage play to do his lines at some point. Granted, this may or may not be the solid truth.

I think Nichols did pretty well, and Takei did a fair job.
George's deep tones were way too recognizable. In Magicks of Megus Tu, when his voices blasts in as one of the spirits, it yanks me right out of it. Nichelle in BEM....way obvious to me. I'll give Majel credt for M'Ress. She did put a nice feline quality to the character. But when they stretched two actresses into the female population in Lorelei Signal, it was pretty blatant.

It was actually pretty common for Filmation shows to rely on a small ensemble of actors, with producer Lou Scheimer usually doing uncredited (or pseudonymous in the '80s)
It wasn't until I watched him on a making of documentary that I placed the voice. He was all over his shows. Actually, I didn't mind that and he had a great voice for certain things. His opening narration for SHAZAM was outstanding.

It's actually kind of impressive that TAS used as much of the original cast as it did.
Agreed, but I wonder if they got paid for the extra work. If not, wotta rip-off. If so, why not hire Walter Koenig? They had Ed Bishop on and a couple of voices I couldn't recognize, too bad they couldn't get Chekov for one or two in that case.

In some ways, yes -- it's better-looking, cleaner, more elegant than what Hanna-Barbera was doing at the time. But TAS's first season wasn't quite up to Filmation's usual standard, because its production was extremely rushed -- the network only gave them 6 months to produce 16 episodes, which for animation is an insanely tight deadline. The last 6 episodes which constitute the second season are more polished because they had more time with them.
I'll still take it over The Funky Phantom and the Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan.

Right -- making it the first Emmy-winning Trek show, and the only Trek show that's ever won an Emmy in a non-technical category.
Well deserved, IMO. I was crushed as a kid when the show was cancelled. I'll never forget this voiceover coming on at 11:00:

"Star Trek will no longer be seen at this time. Now stay tuned for Westwind." A show I never even tried....
"Tranya is people!"
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