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Re: The Walking Dead (Spoilers after first post)

I finished episode 5 last Thursday. Overall, I really enjoyed The Walking Dead game. Funny thing is, I like zombies in movies, but I am a coward if it comes to zombies in games. The direct interaction with them in games make them scarier for me, so usually I avoid zombie games. However, The Walking Dead was made in a way that the game experience was intensive enough but not too scary. So, for me it had just the right amount of "walking dead" .

The storytelling was good, but to be honest, your choices don't affect the story that much. It is still pretty linear.




Based on your decision, some characters might survive longer. Some characters will stand more behind Lee, but the story outcome won't change much. For a game which claims that the story is "tailored by how I play", I was a bit disappointed. However, the game gives you at least a pretty good illusion. You think your choices matter and that works very well.

Another aspect I wasn't too fond of were the quick time events. I mean, I totally get it, that a game designer needs a mechanism to show the player how desperate Lee's situation sometime is: "If zombies manage to get through that door, people will get eaten. Everyone's life is at risk, so Lee has to block that door at any cost - and it's very, very tough." Yeah, but is pushing the "A" or "Q" button really the best way to accomplish that feeling (depending if you are on Xbox or PC)?

Also, if you play with mouse and keyboard, it's not that accurate if you aim at zombies.

On the pro side, I loved the visual style, the characterization, the voice acting and the dialogues. Clementine and Lee were great together, too, and I really wanted him to build up a father-daughter-like relationship with her.

To sum it up, even though I think "The Walking Dead" game had some flaws, I liked most parts and I'm looking forward to season 2.
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