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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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The end result is a very impressive torpedo boat that is high on damage and crits very often. Set all weapons on auto-fire and what you have is a torpedo boat that continuously spew deadly torpedo after deadly torpedo, both fore and aft.
Frankly, I doubt it. Torpedoscorts usually perform terrible, maybe even worse than Beamscorts.
Got any parse?

Survivability-wise: on one hand you can run very high Shields, on the other hand you've got a weak Shield & Deflector.

Mobility-wise: well, Combat-Impulse Engines on a .18 Impulse mod Ship must be quite sluggish.

Edit: as said above, the KHG set (Engine&Shields, no need for the mediocre Deflector) would be highly advised over the Breen set.
The Breen set is beyond terrible. Even white generic MkXI gear is better.

For comparison, here's how I set up mine:

1. Weapons:
- Fore: 4 Fleet Advanced Antiproton DHC Mk XII [Acc] [DMG]*3
- Aft: Kinetic Cutting Beam, 3 Antiproton Turrets Mk XII [Borg]

2. Gear.
- Deflector: Maco XII
- Engines: Fleet Advanced Hyper-Impulse [Turn] [Spd]*3
- Shields: Maco XII
- Devices: Subspace Field Modulator, Shields Batteries, Deuterium or Engine Batteries.
- Tac Consoles: 4 Mag Regulators XII (sadly, only 1 is purple)
- Sci Consoles: 2 Field Gens XI (blue), Subspace Jump
- Eng Consoles: 2 Neutroniums XII (w/g), Borg

3. BOFFs (varying, but usually):
- C Tac: CRF3, APO1, CRF1, TT1
- LC Sci: TSS1, HE2, GW1
- L Tac: APB1, TT1
- L Eng: EPTS1, ASIF1
- E Uni: PH1

4. DOFFs: Warp Core Engineer, Warfare Specialist [Borg], Shield Distribution Officer, 2 Damage Control Engineers; all purple.
Thinking of switching to EPTS1*2 (losing PH1) and getting rid of the Damage Control Engineers for more Shield Distribution Officers.

Numbers? Well, there's a parse on the previous page.
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