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Re: can the star trek animated series be reanimated?

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I Like it as is. The only real hang up I have over it is the voice work. The actors were tracked down and did their line readings into a tape recorder and put together later.
Not exactly. They all went to whatever recording studios were convenient to do their lines. But they didn't have anyone to give them any real direction, and most of them weren't experienced at voice acting, so their performances tended to be flat.

Oh and some of the actors they reused to cover multiple characters in order to save money. This is fine if they're talented like Jimmy Doohan. But Takei, Nichelle and Majel just couldn't handle the changes and you can spot them a mile away.
I think Nichols did pretty well, and Takei did a fair job. It was actually pretty common for Filmation shows to rely on a small ensemble of actors, with producer Lou Scheimer usually doing uncredited (or pseudonymous in the '80s) work as a lot of background characters, though Scheimer's voice is rarely heard in TAS. It's actually kind of impressive that TAS used as much of the original cast as it did.

Aside from that, Christopher is right: the animation is above standard for 1974 Saturday morning TV fare (don't look at it with today's eyes).
In some ways, yes -- it's better-looking, cleaner, more elegant than what Hanna-Barbera was doing at the time. But TAS's first season wasn't quite up to Filmation's usual standard, because its production was extremely rushed -- the network only gave them 6 months to produce 16 episodes, which for animation is an insanely tight deadline. The last 6 episodes which constitute the second season are more polished because they had more time with them.

The stories were really good considering the time slot and the audience. It DID win a daytime Emmy after all.
Right -- making it the first Emmy-winning Trek show, and the only Trek show that's ever won an Emmy in a non-technical category.
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