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Re: FRINGE: Am I the only one...

Forbin: Nope. Bolivia is a moniker uses by both fans and the PTB to refer to Red-Livia/Alt-Livia. It grew out of scripts that denoted the character as B-Olivia.

stj: Pronouncing the term Fauxlivia 'foe-Livia' doesn't make any more sense because she isn't anyone's foe. She was just doing the job she'd been given. The whole romance/intimacy with Peter was a complication that she couldn't have avoided without the risk of blowing her cover and wasn't a part of her assignment. It just sort of happened.

Takeru: What deaths does Walternate have on his head? For starters, any deaths caused by the actions of ZFT, David Robert Jones, Thomas Jerome Newton, and/or the Shape-Shifters. I also think there's a strong argument to be made that Walternate ultimately bears responsibility for any deaths caused by anything related to The Pattern at all (although, in that case, the blame can also be placed on Blue Walter as well).
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