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Hyfen_Underskor wrote: View Post
And then there's that annoying trend of misspelling words like "Sci-Fi" (which is a misspelling itself).
Since Sci-Fi is short for Science Fiction, I have no idea what part you think is mispelt.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Yeah. Personally, I think people tend to romanticize the past where Sci Fi/Syfy is concerned. Sure, they aired FARSCAPE back in the old days, but that was only one night a week.
People have hated Syfy as long as I can remember. I do recall posters here being livid about the leaked details regarding the then-upcoming Battlestar Galactica reboot, and writing off Laura Roslin as a Bonnie Hammer insert character.

I don't hate Syfy, but besides their current rerun of TNG in HD and their Canadian import Continuum I have found basically nothing I want to watch on their channel.

I am tenatively looking forward to Defiance, though.
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