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Re: I think Data just doesn't LIKE to use contractions.

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When we're talking about different types of cognition and neurology, you just can't assume that something that's easy for you will be easy for everyone. Your mind works a certain way, and other people's minds can work in unexpectedly different ways.
I'm an Aspergian, so I do know what you're talking about, but I just want to elucidate that it's the exact same thing with extraversion vs introversion. And now I'm rigidly talking about true, introverted minds which has absolutely nothing to do shyness or antisociality. In fact, almost a century after Jung introduced the terms, we have now been able to secernate physiological divergences in the dopamine system of introverts, most prominently the lower fluid and the oversensitivity of dopamine (while extraverts nearly can't get enough of it) but also some minor but yet cardinal aberrations in the design of the receptors.

Actually, this is the reason why introversion is often a side effect of Asperger's since such anomalies in the dopamine system is about the only real etiological fundament that has been corroborated today, while ADHD often emanates (among many other factors) from an overproduction of dopamine. But that's another story.

Back to introversion, I often have experienced (and also read others' experiences) that most extroverts unfortunately, even on the most rudimentary level, often seem unable to digest introversion as pure concept and natural function when being enlightened on why these differences instigates other needs and makes them function differently.

All this is because it's such a different mind framework (eventually antonymous to their own), that it's hard to even think about how something other than what's so natural for them, maybe something they postulate as part of being a living creature, being human. Of course, almost the only exception in which the existence of such is not antinomical, is that something must be REALLY, REALLY wrong with that person.

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Well, it might not exist much longer. Under the proposed revisions to the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders scheduled for publication this May, Asperger syndrome would no longer be defined as a distinct disorder, but would be folded in under autistic spectrum disorders. There have been protests to this from the Asperger community, though.
The essential ratiocination among most of the rational and general protestors is simple; to ignore the individual differences between Aspergers and all the different variations of ASD will result in detrimental obstruction of all future science and understanding regarding these syndromes.
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