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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

There's the original transmission version of 30 Years in the TARDIS - the Late Show producers took it out of Kev Davies's hands about a week before transmission and re-edited it to their formula, adding in extra interviews with celebs talking about how they watched the show from behind the sofa. It's not half as good as More Than 30 Years, which Kev put together for BBC Video the next year according to his original plans, but it really should have been on the DVD for completist reasons.
The other documentary from that time is Resistance is Useless, which introduced the 1992 BBC2 repeats (Time Meddler, Mind Robber, Sea Devils, Daemons, Genesis, Androzani, Revelation and Battlefield, in case you asked, followed up in late 93/94 by Planet of the Daleks, Green Death and Pyrmaids of Mars), which is also pretty glib and a bit patronising, but... well, we're fans. We're completists.

BTW, one of the Brig's bodyguards in More Than... is Nick Pegg, a regular DWM contributor and Big Finish writer who's often to be found inside a Dalek in the new series....
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