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Re: January Art Challenge - Klaus

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We all know the JJPrise is HUGE compared to what it should be but don't forget the size/scale. Make sure your design could fit inside. JJ may not care about such things but we should.
Oh, I disagree. It should be the most wonderful thing you can imagine and put to pixels. The very nature of the JJ precludes any consideration for scale. The only thing is that is be impressive. Making sense is the least of his concerns, and it should be the least of the designers for this contest.

The ones we've seen so far are fantastic if not fantastical.
No Trek production has been overly concerned with fitting sets into the "proper" space, starting with the shuttlebay, the bridge, and the unknown location of engineering at its corridors. TMP was just as bad, with the rec dec, a cargo bay set that they initially had no idea of how it would fit in the ship, and an engineering set that used set-extending paintings in every direction, making it too large to fit in the ship.
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