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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

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People who park in handicapped spaces and are not themselves handicapped should be beaten like a rented mule.
Amen! One piece of trivia that infuriated me when I read the bio of Steve Jobs was that he regularly parked in handicapped spots (long before he got sick). Grrr.
I never realized how often it happened until my mother got her disabled tag about 3 years ago. She has paralysis in one leg and for a while required a walker (though now she usually gets by with just her leg brace and sometimes a cane if she's tired). Every single time we go somewhere it seems there is someone without a tag in the disabled spot.
I normally look and see if the cars parked in disabled spots here have tags/plates. I'm not disabled or anything, I just check out of curiosity. I almost never see someone illegally parked in a disabled spot here. Then again, you get fined $250 for the first offense here, and at least $250 for subsequent offenses, plus community service. New Jersey don't fuck around.

I'm fine with the harsh penalties. There's no reason to park in one of those spots without a tag unless you're just an inconsiderate, lazy ass.
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