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Re: VOY Caption This 98; Con and Conditionality

Janeway: "I thought the Leola root was disgusting. The Leola plant is worse. Security!"

Neelix: "Confidentially, between you and me. Her one flaw is that she keeps on and on about her pecan pie. How can one person be so obsessed about a foodstuff? But she's a fine Captain."

EMH: "He's attempting to learn yogic flying. I'll then give him a treatise on homeopathic medicine. I then intend to introduce him to the Church of Scientology. I want to see how much new age bullshit he takes seriously before he realises..."
Janeway: "And you're doing this why?"
EMH: "It's a bit of a laugh, really."

Janeway: "What is it?"
Seven: "It is... it is... it's blue."
Janeway: "You've been spending too much time in Engineering."
Seven: "Want a glass?"
Janeway: "Make it a double."

Kim: "Who is it?"
Paris: "Forrestal. A competitor. He was good, very good."
Kim: "I dunno Tom, this Idaho Smith and The Raiders of the Lost Vinculum program doesn't look as much fun as Captain Proton."
Paris: "Stay in character, Harry. Besides, we're just getting to the good bit."
Kim: "I've seen ahead to what happens to the sidekick. It's not a good bit for me."
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