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Re: Episode of the Week: Skin of Evil

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They don't quite have the bravery to follow through on their intent with Tasha's death. It's supposed to be brutal and harsh and sudden and- as she says herself when she "Comes back"- meaningless. Which is well done, but the final funeral scene somewhat undoes this attempt at small scale realism by having her ghost float down from heaven (or if you want to be mean about the production values, Tellytubie land) and give a great big seemingly endless goodbye speech.
She was a security officer and knew she could lose her life at any time. In the funeral scene, I simply saw her say the things that were likely inappropriate to say to other officers in a military organization. She wanted the people around her to know the impact they made on her life.

I thought the funeral was incredibly well done, especially the exchange between Picard and Data at the end. What undoes the realism of the death is the alternate-Yar non-sense in Yesterday's Enterprise and the entirety of the character of Sela.
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