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Re: Eating with your dominate hand

Roger Wilco wrote: View Post
I thought this is the way everybody eats. I can't recall ever seeing somebody switch fork and knife like that, although I don't pay much attention to other people's eating habits.
But the only way to figure out how one is supposed to do it -when in a sorta formal setting- is to observe how others around the table do!
(a friend impressed me once by eating chicken wings with knife and fork)
I do that -maybe because I mostly eat those while sitting by a keyboard though
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Rhubarbodendron wrote: View Post
I'd be very interested, though, in learning what caused the American method. Is it only spite (doing it as different as possible from the way it's done in the homecountry) or is there a practical reason (having a hand free to grab the revolver lying in your lap)?
I'm sure Bill Bryson explained it in one of his books (Made In America, possibly), but I can't remember what it was...
I read somewhere that it was a way to show defiance against the rule of the English...
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