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Re: Fringe 5x11 - "The Boy Must Live" (Discussion, Spoilers)

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Sadly, this has been my general impression so far as well. There have been some exciting moments, and the last couple with the kid have kicked things up a notch, but overall THE FINAL SEASON hasn't been as grand as I expected. I've been especially disappointed with Oliva's role this season; she's almost seemed like a side character. I anticipate the final three episodes will be more Fringe-worthy and wrap the series up in a satisfying way, watching it all at once without hiatuses & commercial breaks.

That said, I'll definitely be getting the season on DVD/Blu to complete my collection, and it will possibly play better that way.
Some tv shows I found to be a better watch, when I was able to watch many episodes consecutively in a sitting. For example, shows like Stargate Universe, Caprica, etc ...

In the case of Stargate Universe and Caprica, I found the first several episodes of either show to be slow and dragging. I ended up dropping these shows shortly thereafter.

Eventually I picked up the season dvd sets of both shows. (Found them for around $15 each or less). I found both shows to be much better watches when I was able to go through many episodes in a sitting. The storyline "slowness" wasn't a big factor, when I was able to watch through many episodes one after another in weekend marathon viewing.
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