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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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That's so true about Berman. I never "got" the hate for the man.
The studio deserves at least as much blame for this, probably most, rather than Berman personally. Their executives have a great deal more power than most fans realise.
That is true. Berman always wanted to rest Trek for a while after TNG and DS9, but the studio demanded VOY and ENT. And AFAIK the big reset button after each VOY episode was also a demand from the studio, not Berman.

If you can blame Berman for something, that he didnt stood up enough against the demands from the studio and didnt support his creative staff enough because of that. He was too much willing to compromise.

But in the end Berman also always stated, that Trek was the vision of Roddenberry and not his personally, but he was determined to continue this vision, because he promised that to Roddenberry. So in the end he was always a producer/writer, who wasnt actually representing the core of Trek personally but representing it for Roddenberry. And so he also represented the studio's wishes, as he did represent Roddenberry.
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