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Re: Jurassic Park 4 Coming June 14, 20...2014!!!

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Really, I'm going to pull out and use the remake card, something that I'm not prone to want to use. I think a remake of the first movie is called for, possibly something darker and more in tone with the book. As much of a Spielbergian classic the original movie is it's, well, filled with that Spielberg shmaltzy kiddy/familyness to it.

Remake the first book with the darker tones present in it. I suppose also along those lines making the dinosaurs better match up with present-day beliefs on them.
Personally, I think a better direction would be a new story that is also a reboot. That way there they're not retreading old ground, and they're also not tied to the continuity of a franchise which hasn't been active for over a decade.
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