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Re: What's up with Weller's character?

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I donít want to start the Trek and Nolanís batman comparison again but there is a good chance that John Harrison might be what Bane was in TDKR and Peter Weller's character might be what Talia Al Ghul was in TDKR.

So in other words John Harrison might just be a puppet and Wellerís character will be the big bad who will only be effective in the last 10 minutes of the film.

TDKR was an average film at best in my opinion so it will suck (a bit) if the plot is similar to the plot in into darkness in terms of the villian.
Countless of movies, tv-shows, novels, comics, games and what not have used this plot. Why would it have to be compared to TDKR?
TDKR is still fresh in everyone's minds, therefore it created this trope as far as the General Audience is concerned.
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