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Re: Stormfront would have been better if...

Skywalker wrote: View Post
Them showing up in the middle of the Eugenics Wars would have been a lot more interesting, yeah. But I would have preferred that they just returned to the Earth they knew and received a hero's welcome. The whole "Okay, the Xindi have been defeated...but now there's this!" twist at the end is entirely unnecessary.
Ugh, I totally agree. Storm Front just wasn't very interesting, and was a terrible way to finish the storyline. The TCW was a convoluted mess anyway, so I can see how they would struggle to end it satisfactorily. Alien Nazis, however, should have been bottom of the list, and tacking it onto the end of Zero Hero was pathetic.

Perhaps it should have ended in season three, with the end of the Xindi arc?

King Daniel wrote: View Post
They'd never have done the Eugenics Wars in detail on Enterprise. Berman-Trek had pussyfooted around that so much, moving the date forward (DS9's Bashir reveal), back again (an offhand comment in ENT's Augments arc), pretending they never happened at all (VOY's "Future's End") ... it was like they didn't know how to handle Trek's 1990's not syncing with reality, so deliberately ignored it as much as possible. Which is understandable.
Well Ron D. Moore fucked up with the Eugenics War timeline. He admitted that in DS9 he just copied Khan's comment from TWOK about it happening two centuries ago, without updating it. Bit of silly moment, but I think it shows that he at least intended for the war to have happened during the 90s.

VOY I can't really explain away. It just wasn't relevant to the story they were telling, so they ignored it. Bit of a shame they didn't refer to it in some way. The sleeper ship in the background is a cute reference though.

Anyway, I think the ENT crew ending up in the middle of the Augment conflict could have worked really well. It would have linked into the arc they ended up doing, which I thought overall was a bit underwhelming, and ending up having more weight to it.
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