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Re: Rank the Masters

The End of Time Master's completely acceptable to me both as a stylistic choice, and continuity-wise. Driven into a corner with no escape, or something (I call it surrealism), together with his greatest love in the same situation, both of them falling apart mentally; of course they would cry together, and of course the already insane wacky Master would eat hamburgers in that masterful instance of black comedy. As a stylistic choice, it's great fun.

I too would like to see Simm at full strength with 11, grown into a very different person. Someone's going to play the continuation anyways so it wouldn't ruin the ending in any way.


I can't send private messages here until 2 weeks and 50 posts, DalekJim I sent you some emails through Gallifrey Base a while ago, blame Nagisa for guiding me this far lol (wherever that quote's from). They're not too coherent mind.

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