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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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That's cool you know who these figures are and buy them, man! My FYE doesn't have any of the brand new, online-exclusive Vintage figures like the Old Republic Trooper (not at the moment, anyways) and that's a great score....along with the Emperor's Royal Guard it's the most desired figure from that wave.

Well done.

I'll have to look up that book and give it a read....thanks!
My FYE has some toys and figures near the back of the store. It's pretty cool, despite their insane prices.

I haven't given the trooper to her yet, but I'll try to get the picture I sent her of it on the board. I took it with my cell phone, so later I'll email it to myself and try to post it here.

The trooper has a really awesome gun, and he has to hold it like a mini-gun, a'la Jessie Ventura from Predator or T-800 from T2.

Here's the Amazon listing for that book. I wanted to write about here, although it's not a figure. It doesn't quite deserve it's own thread on the science fiction section, but it's guaranteed to bring a smile to any fan.
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