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Re: Things old ladies do...

Bonzie, do you do patchwork/quilts?

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Like canning, making jerky, that sort of thing?
Precisely And drying, pickeling and candying. (No smoking, though - I live in an appartment building and my neighbours might complain)
I have only a very small freezer but a big attic and cellar where I can store a lot of food. And homemade jerky or pickles are so much better than the bought stuff (less sugar and atrificial sweeteners, mainly)

Btw, I also make my own toffees and fudges =) And traditional Bavarian bread (a sour dough rye bread with lots of caraway, anise, fennel and coriander) and baguette.
I'd be grateful for a good recipe for the (apparently traditional) brick-shaped white bread one always sees housewives baking in American TV series. It looks a bit like toast bread and I've always wanted to give it a try.
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