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Re: Stormfront would have been better if...

They'd never have done the Eugenics Wars in detail on Enterprise. Berman-Trek had pussyfooted around that so much, moving the date forward (DS9's Bashir reveal), back again (an offhand comment in ENT's Augments arc), pretending they never happened at all (VOY's "Future's End") ... it was like they didn't know how to handle Trek's 1990's not syncing with reality, so deliberately ignored it as much as possible. Which is understandable.

Abrams-Trek on the other hand? Co-writer Bob Orci has read Greg Cox's Eugenics Wars novels (which portays them as a secret history, the truth of which only became public knowledge later) and there's a big guy in white with a ponytail walking thru a room full of stasis tubes in the Into Darkness trailer...
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