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While I can understand Red Walter/Walternate's initial anger and grief, he has the blood of countless people from both universes on his hands, which cancels out any sympathy he might be due.
What countless people? It's been a long time since I saw the episodes but red Walter really wasn't that bad, the embering in the red universe was necessary to contain the evnts that are threatening their world, it did lead to the loss of many people but that's not really his fault, they have to contain these things if they don't want to see their world ripped apart. And let's not forget that blue Walter used to experiment on children, red Walter isn't a nice guy, but blue Walter isn't an angel either. You don't damage a universe and then make it right by saying "Oops, I didn't mean to".

He might put the blame on Blue Walter, but he's the one who is truly responsible for the conflict between the universes.
Not really, look at it from his perspective, his son is kidnapped and his entire universe damaged, how could he not see this as an unprovoked attack? Of course he escalated the conflict but he saw countless people die and being embered and he blames blue Walter for everyone of these deaths, they are both damaged men, red Walter isn't just an evil bastard, I feel bad for him (which doesn't mean I loke him as a person).
Even if it was unintentional, blue Walter is ultimately responsible for pretty much everything.

Blue Walter never should've taken Peter, but he wasn't intentionally trying to cause harm.
I disagree, he had good intentions, he wanted to cure Peter, but he still kidnapped and never returned him, that was intentional and he knew how much it would hurt Peter's real parents. The damage to the red universe was unintentional but that doesn't mean he has no responsibility.
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