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Re: Lance Armstrong to Admit to Doping

He's not going to say shit in that Oprah interview. Don't be fooled, the lying is not stopping here, all he'll try to achieve by doing this is salvage some shred of his image to continue fleecing the naive public with his cancer tales for personal gain and continue cheating at sporting events to feed his ego.

He's done, done done. I don't fucking need or want a "confession" from him, unless he's willing to tell us some of the things we don't already know, or can't prove anyway (about the corruption of the UCI for example, the details of his dealings with Ferrari, the true extent of the advantage he gained with his superior doping methods, how dirty Bruyneel really is, etc.), but he won't. So fuck him, and fuck Oprah for giving him a podium to fuck with the public once again.
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