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Re: FRINGE: Am I the only one...

While I can understand Red Walter/Walternate's initial anger and grief, he has the blood of countless people from both universes on his hands, which cancels out any sympathy he might be due. He might put the blame on Blue Walter, but he's the one who is truly responsible for the conflict between the universes. Blue Walter never should've taken Peter, but he wasn't intentionally trying to cause harm. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Walternate/Red Walter.

Besides the Fauxlivia and Bolivia monikers for Alt-Livia/Red-Livia there's one other thing I'm not too keen on: nobody in the Blueverse noticing that Blue Olivia had been replaced by Red-Livia. It stretches credibility that nobody thought anything of her odd/off behavior. Even if she had brushed off their concerns, somebody should've at least mentioned her odd/off behavior and from all indications nobody did.

Skywalker, faux means fake, and Red-Livia is just as real as Blue Olivia, and, as I noted, is undeservingly villified. She's just doing her job based on what her superiors have told her, and she has no way of knowing that most of what she's been told is wrong.
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