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Re: Security Chief Kim...really?

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On the other hand long range transwap scans of real space not only knew that Voyager was appraoching their space but where it is at all times. It's as possible that they were waiting for Voyager to be less inconvienient to smite as that they couldn't be bothered smiting it at all since Voyager had nothing of Value on board (as far as the Borg knew).but then Voyager's Borg are a lot more petty and vindictive than TNG's Borg.
I thought Voyager was one of the most advanced ship in the fleet with new systems and bio neural gel packs, besides she was half the size of the Enterprise D so should be that difficult to deal with for the Borg
I wank around a bit when I talk. You know how the Borg ignore Boarding parties until they do something intimidating? I mean really, really, really ignore really really well armed Starfleet commandos carrying huge amounts of explosives in back packs?

Economies of scale.

The Borg should let ships wander though their space without challenge unless they do something stupid like attack a unimatrix, or prove to have a unique distinctiveness worth assimilating.

"The Borg assimilate civilizations, not individuals."

There was a 90 percent, by my reckoning, chance that the Borg would have completely ignored Voyager for the full ten year tenure route through Borgspace... And lets just laugh that Kathryn ever though that she could have hidden her dinky little row-boat from a species that can cross the galaxy safely and scan their proximity through out for impediments, in a matter of weeks.
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