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Re: FRINGE: Am I the only one...

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What does everyone else think? Am I making too much of an issue out of all of this?
I don't like Fauxlivia either because as you said, she's just as real. Altlivia sounds stupid and Redlivia is a little clunky.

I prefer to the call the characters from the both universes by their real names if it's obvious who's talked about, otherwise I add Blue or Red instead of coming up with clever nicknames. i prefer Red Walter to Walternate for example.

It's weird that in this entire conflict I was always more on the red universes side, they were the ones who suffered, red Walter because blue Walter kidnapped his son and the entire red universe because blue Walter screwed it up. Red Olivia infiltrating the blue universe was pretty heroic and selfless if we consider what she knew, those were evil doppelgaenger from a universe that had attacked them first and just recently almost killed a friend and colleague by burning him.

I loved the blue characters and I lost interest in Fringe after the writers ditched them, but if I had to pick a "villain" in the red/blue conflict it would be blue Walter, red Walter couldn't let it got but he was the onewho lost his son ans saw his entore world suffering and that was all blue Walters fault.
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