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Re: My Ship designs of 2013 :)

GalacticWierdo wrote: View Post
I think this design is actually real neat. A few things that might clean it up;
-I would move the saucer to be in line with the nacelles (The center of the saucer lines
up vertically with the center of the pylons.)
-I'd incorporate the two rollbars into one ring
-The broadside phasers look a little tacked-on the way they are now. Perhaps mounting them on a more substantial structure may help.
I agree with ya 100% actually im waiting to see if who made the The Excelsior parts originaly will do a Miranda Saucer based part and Ent B saucer if not ill make do with What i have. I'll start from Scratch Tomorrow or later this week and incorperate your suggestions
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