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Re: Help With MP4 Video Conversion (Making a Video w/ Adobe Premiere P

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Therefore, I just need to figure out which file type to convert my files to... Does anyone out there have any suggestions???
If you're going to be editing, you just want simple uncompressed .avi files.
They will be large, but the easiest for you computer to manipulate.

The free utility Super that was suggested above is great for mass-converting videos from one type to another and you should grab a copy of it; it will come in handy.
Agreed about .avi's. When I my DVD's & blu-rays to the computer, I do so in .avi format.

I think WMP will play them without any extra codecs, so I can watch them on any computer, like at work, but I think I installed Shark007/win7codec on my 2 machines there, so I'm not 100% on that right now.
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