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Re: Things old ladies do...

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Preparation of enough Christmas cookies to feed several armored divisions.
Not in our family. All 3 of my girls were taught how to make Christmas cookies and they all do.

Sewing. I sew, but 2 of my daughters have no interest in it and 1 is too frustrated by it (it takes a while to get past the hassles of sewing).

I can't knit or crochet, so once my mum is gone, that's it in my family.

Cooking - my youngest has a knack for it. I can cook, but I don't like to do so and so just do what needs to be done. She does fancy stuff and exotic stuff and great stuff. This was all self-taught. I don't make mini-cheescakes and such.

Pretty much, if the young ones get interested in something - they'll figure it out and do it. I don't think crocheting and knitting will ever die out. I do worry about sewing. Many more seem to knit/crochet than sew.
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