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Re: Current novels set in the TV time-frame?

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Vendetta, Reunion, Imzadi I and II, Q-Squared, Immortal Coil, Masks, Q-In-Law, A Time To Kill > A Time To Heal, and Federation
I've finally almost caught up with the current novels. I found out that the Cold Equations trilogy, or at least the first installment of it, is a direct sequel to Immortal Coil so I'm just about to finish it up in preparation to start the aforementioned trilogy. I can highly recommend Immortal Coil. Technically though, it doesn't take place during the original TNG series run time-frame. It takes place sometime after ST: TNG: First Contact, as the hostilities are starting between the Alpha Quadrant powers and the Dominion.

After reading so much "modern" or up-to-date, relaunch novels, I wasn't sure how it would be going back several years but it has been an excellent romp and I've loved it.

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