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FRINGE: Am I the only one...

... who doesn't like most of the terminology created to refer to the 'Redverse' Olivia Dunham? She's no less real than the 'Blueverse' Olivia, and referring to her as 'Fauxlivia' is therefore rather dismissive. I'm also not really a fan of calling her 'Bolivia'. 'Altlivia', on the other hand, I have no issues with as a descriptor because she IS an alternate Olivia.

Having said that, though, I like the moniker/nickname/descriptor 'Redlivia' better because not only is she from the 'Redverse', her typical hair color is red.

I also can't help but feel in doing research on her and in watching Over There Parts One and Two that fans and the PTB have kind of undeservingly villified her. She's only doing what she's asked to do in impersonating her 'Blueverse' doppelganger; it's not her fault that 'Walternate' has a personal agenda against the Blueverse and is using her and the alternate Fringe division as part of that agenda.

What does everyone else think? Am I making too much of an issue out of all of this?
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