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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Star Trek did not need a reboot, and the actors in the new films in no way make me think they are who their parts are. That is not Kirk.
Just curious: Do you think that Daniel Craig is James Bond?
I don't watch the James Bond movies. Maybe I should, they're supposed to be good, but I've just never been interested in them. I'd rather watch a bad scifi movie than a good movie of another type. Personal tastes and all that kind of stuff.

As to the rest of yall, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Perhaps I left out the "IMO" in my post, but I'm not changing my mind. That isn't the real crew of the original Enterprise. It's a reboot. And also like I said, it was a good movie. Especially the beginning about Kirk's father. That was terrific. I can't wait for the next movie. But, for me, there is only one James T Kirk.
That's fair enough. I'm glad you enjoyed the 2009 movie as a generic movie. A lot of people don't even admit to that much. It's the general "that's not the real crew" that I was responding to.

I have friends that believe that the only Bond was Sean Connery, but they enjoy some of the others as generic films. I get that; and we can have good discussions about the merits of individual films.

It's when Star Trek 09 gets summarily dismissed by people because that's "not the real crew" that I need to respond.
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